Jewelry coming soon!!!


How long does it take to ship?

It takes scent crafters 2 to 3 business days to create the fragrance per order, and then 10 to 5 business days for shipping.

Who/Where are this fragrances made? This fragrances are handmade by a small family business located in the United States, This business is run by two sisters and their business is called scentcrafters you can find more info on their website: and you can also find My fragrances there :

Ingredients Use on our Fragrances? Fragrance , SD Alcohol and Isopropyl Myristate

Fragrance: 22% of our bottle is perfume oil
SD Alcohol: SD Alcohol is by far the most common perfume base and is used by all major perfume manufacturers. The alcohol makes a perfect base because it slowly evaporates over time, carrying the fragrance from your skin into the air and generating the awesome aroma. (If we just use perfume oil the fragrance would sit on your skin and not “travel” any distance.) 
Isopropyl Myristate: 100% skin harmless has been extensively tested and is regarded as an extremely safe ingredient to put on your skin. It is very commonly used in fragrances, shampoos, bath oils, antiperspirants, deodorants, and various creams and lotions. This ingredient is here for a similar purpose as the SD Alcohol. It is also intended to “carry” the fragrance and we use it because we think it makes for a LONGER LASTING fragrance than using alcohol alone. ( it also has an extremely high “flash point”, which means it doesn’t light on fire easily ) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION GO TO  

All about jewelry?  The jewelry in this store are  made in two different countries, Mexico and China! We are choosing the most beautiful pieces from both countries just for you !! 

Type of metal for jewelry? all the jewelry in this store is 925 silver sterling. As for gold it will be 10k ( Further information is on Hold for any Gold jewelry as we are just starting this business) 

So, is 925 sterling silver jewellery any good? The short answer is yes. Sterling silver is made of 92.5% of pure silver, as the name implies, and the rest (7.5%) mainly comprises copper and other trace elements. 925 sterling silver is better than pure silver, as it is soft, rendering it challenging to shape for jewellery manufacturers. Hence, 925 sterling silver is the best type of silver in jewellery design. ( information from real source