Sweet Aurora, 3.4oz Of Eau De Perfume

  • Sweet Aurora, 3.4oz Of Eau De Perfume

Sweet Aurora, is inspired by the Disney Princess, this scent just like Aurora is very sweet and graceful making you feel sweet, gorgeous and most importantly Elegant

Further Description On Scent: Sweet but natural on skin. A very warm non headeache Gourmand Fragrance, perfect for Both Winter and Summer, the vanilla and peach mix together make a very Aphrodisiac type of scent

Notes: Peach, Vanilla and Marshmallow almost amber-ish with a hint of tuberose except it's all the vanilla and peach and marshmallow notes working together making an amazing warm, sexy feminine scent.

How to use : Apply to pulse points: Base of the throat, wrist, Behind ear, Inner elbow and behind the knees.

Where to store perfume: dark, cool, and dry place